Project description:

This is our experimental elaboration for Android.
It is a game compilation with four modes:
Classic mode that features standard poker mechanics. Familiar dices but for a single player. Throw the dice, choose the right combination, mark the ones, you don’t want to throw. Gain the most points and set records in our Highscore table.
Playground. Everyone is familiar with 3-in-a-row puzzles. Now, what do you think about the same concept but merging it with the best dice combinations and accompanied by different bonuses and a timer?
Drop. Place falling blocks in lines, make combinations, gain points! But be careful! Don’t let the blocks to fill the whole screen.
Domino. Here we have the last, forth mode with the same name but different meaning. Connect blocks and gain points for the combinations in the line!
The game is based on HTML5 and CocoonJS framework.